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Ex 03: Time Machine

Redesign a vintage print advertisement for a modern magazine.

So I have a confession: I don’t read magazines. I think the last magazine I ever subscribed to, besides Creative Arts, was like, ym in 2003. I’m not an expert on magazine advertising. But I do have Google.

Somewhere in my research / quest for inspiration, I came across these two ads:

The first one is a Pringles ad from around 1970, the second a Pepsi ad from around 1990. Seeing the two together got me thinking: Pop art > Pop > Once you Pop…. > Pringles!

Why not just replace the Pepsi cans with Pringles? Thus the two ads became one:

Other than eliminating text, which is the first step toward modernizing any ad, adding in a hand-written hipster font is another quick and playful way to bring it into the 21st century.

P.S. I learned something: Pringles have been around since the 70’s! I thought they were a 90’s thing!

Source images:

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